What is the Seabrook Beach Civic Association?

2013-Sept 2018

One only needs to look at the By-Laws voted in by the membership in 1997 to know that the purpose of the Seabrook Beach Civic Association’s is  “… to promote betterment issues that would enhance the livability of Seabrook Beach”. 


That statement means different things to different people.  


For some it is clean pathways and the benches along those pathways from Atlantic Avenue, Ocean Boulevard and Ocean Drive to the beach where they can sit and simply watch the ocean roll in and out.


To others it is the clean (thanks to combined efforts of those who pick up after themselves and others and John Starkey’s crew in the Department of Public Works) and safe streets (thanks to the Seabrook Police Department and the residents who partake in Seabrook Watchdogs).


Others enjoy the flowers and flowering shrubs  (thanks to sponsors young and old who tend to  the flowering and planted areas along Ocean Boulevard and Ocean Drive)where the “buckets” are cared for so lovingly.


Our members and their guests enjoy the monthly meetings of the Association where the guest speakers and the  committee reports inform everyone in attendance what has and is happening and what is coming up… both on the beach and off ! 


There are many other reasons for joining and being a part of the Seabrook Beach Civic Association. But, the bottom line is the goal… the upkeep of the Seabrook Beach Village District that we all (homeowners, renters and visitors alike) enjoy, feel good about sharing and passing on to those who come after us.




2019 – 2020 Elected Officers

October 1, 2018 - September 30, 2020


Vice President - Larry Deshler, Membership Secretary - Peter Volpe Jr., President - Vickie Sawyer, Secretary - Judy David, Treasurer - Ed David

President - Vickie Sawyer


The President is accountable to and responsible for ensuring that the Board of Directors and its members are aware of and fulfill their responsibilities; comply with bylaws; conduct board business effectively and efficiently. He/she presides over meetings, proposes policies and practices, sits on various committees, proposes the creation of committees; appoints members to such committees; and performs other duties as the need arises and/or as defined in the bylaws. 


The President ensures that an agenda is planned for and presides over board and community open meetings.  She/he serves as an ex-officio member of board committees specified in the bylaws. In this capacity, the President's role is to serve as a voting member of the committee (as specified in the bylaws).


He/She ensures that the organization maintains positive and productive relationships with media, donors, and other organizations. The President is one of the signing officers for certain documents.  In this capacity, the President may be authorized or be required to sign or countersign checks, contracts, correspondence, applications, reports, or other documents on behalf of the association.


Vice President - Larry Deshler


The Vice President is the second person in command and steps in when the President is not available or cannot serve. He/She supports the association’s mission, vision and values and keeps the President informed of all actions taken.

The vice president’s role bears significant responsibility, accountability, and authority within an association, having these additional responsibilities oversees the complete operation of the association in accordance with the direction established in the strategic plans.  He/She is the lead board member in determining the context of the public monthly meetings, overseeing other officers and performs other responsibilities as needed.


For additional information, revert to the role of the President as he/she shares those responsibilities during the term in office.


Secretary - Judy David


The secretary maintains records for several purposes: accurate recollection of decisions; determination of eligibility to vote; continuity of policies and practices; and accountability of directors and officers.


In order to fulfill those responsibilities, and subject to the association's bylaws, the Secretary records the  minutes of all meetings, ensures their accuracy, and availability. The minutes should include at a minimum: date, time, location of meeting; maintains a list of those present and absent; list of items discussed; list of reports presented; text of motions presented and description of their disposition. The Secretary signs a copy of the final, approved minutes and ensures that this copy is maintained in the corporate records.   proposes policies and practices, submits various reports to the board, oversees the Membership Secretary’s records maintains, fulfills any other requirements of an  Officer, and performs other duties as the need arises and/or as defined in the bylaws.


The Secretary participates in Board meetings as a voting member. He/she provides items for the agenda as appropriate. In the absence of the President (and Vice-President), the Secretary calls the meeting to order, presiding until a temporary chairperson is elected. The secretary records meeting minutes as described above Depending upon the bylaws and practices of the organization, the Secretary may perform these duties for Member meetings, General Meeting and/or for an executive committee. 


The Secretary may be designated by the Board of Directors and/or bylaws as one of the signing officers for certain documents. In this capacity, the Secretary may be authorized or required to sign or countersign checks, correspondence, applications, reports, contracts or other documents on behalf of association. 


Treasurer - Ed David 


 As an officer, the Treasurer handles all the funds. He/She takes a lead in safeguarding the assets, data (donations, American flag and personalized bench requests) and personal information. are acknowledged. While no official budget is prepared, the treasurer provides information regarding the previous years’ costs and assures that there are funds available for the upcoming year’s needs.


Membership Secretary - Peter Volpe, Jr.


The Membership Secretary serves as the first official representative of the Association.  She/he contacts individuals and businessmen through personal and written contact outlining the Seabrook Beach Civic Association’s goals and needs. The Membership Secretary actively contacts homeowners, residents and businesses in the Village Beach District for the purpose of promoting the association and recruiting members. Supplies a list of members to the Newsletter Staff for publication, membership forms to the Data Administrator for recording purposes and is responsible for forwarding volunteer information to the Board Members and Committee Chairs.


Nominating Committee - Sue Manzi - Chair

The Nominating Committee shall consist of three members. One to be chosen by the Board of Directors who will be chairman and two members from the membership. This committee is to be selected prior to the annual meeting in order for them to submit a slate of officers for the election at the September meeting., Nominations may be made from the floor after the chairman has submitted the slate selected by the Nominating Committee. This must be done before nominations are closed. The Nominating Committee is also responsible for conducting the election and furnishing all materials required.


Auditing Committee - OPEN POSITION - Chair

The Auditing Committee duties shall be, though not limited to, the examination of the Treasurer’s books prior to the annual meeting. A report is to be submitted to the membership by the chairman at the annual meeting.


Advertising / Newsletter - OPEN POSITION


The Seabrook Beach Civic Association newsletter is unique in that the distribution number of over 1,000 covers much of New England , some of New York, Florida California , Wyoming, Hawaii along with  a few that have found their way to area servicemen stationed across the world (Afghanistan). Most who receive our newsletter travel to Seabrook during the summer months and look forward to seeing what local and surrounding area restaurants and businesses will be available to them upon their arrival, while others look to the ads for information as to where they can purchase gift certificates for their family and friends visiting the area and other just enjoy reading what has happened, what will happen and the tidbits in between. All in all the newsletter is enjoyed by many for many different reasons and the advertisements not only help our readers, but help us in its publication.


The cost per newsletter is approximately $1.25 from the beginning of its creation to its distribution to the over 1,000 homeowners, businesses and Town of Seabrook Departments. To cover a portion of the cost of the newsletter, the advertising committee solicits ads (both personal and business). The cost of a business card size ad is $50.00 while an ad double in size is $75.00. Promote a business or surprise someone with a birthday or anniversary wish. A business size card ad will capture their attention. Ads must be presented as one would like them seen… the newsletter staff does not have a graphic artist on its committee to design ads. Pictures and business cards that one wishes to copy should be sent to  Attn: Hank Therriaultat SeabrookBeachCivicAssoc@hotmail.com as an attachment in an email as well as a hard copy (please do not send the original or only copy as it may not be returned).  For question call Hank @ 603-474-1774


American Flag Program - Earl and Susan Spruce


With the cooperation of Unitil, Comcast , the Town of Seabrook, the Seabrook Police and Fire Departments and members of the Seabrook Beach Civic Association, the Association offers its members and guests the opportunity to sponsor an American flag that will be placed on selected utility poles along 1A in the Seabrook Beach Village District. Due to the high winds in the area American flags are hung from June to mid-September. Each American flag is sponsored for a period of two ‘seasons’ with a sponsorship donation of $50.00. The flags and the poles are purchased separately and require set up prior to their placement in June and again mid-September when all flags are removed and checked before storing them for the winter months.


Beautification Committee - David Ritchie


Aspires to enhance the scenic environment of Seabrook Beach Village District through community involvement and raising environmental awareness. The Committee strives to encourage a sense of responsibility in homeowners, residents and visitors to facilitate the creation of a cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing community. Committee members gather together whenever and wherever in the Seabrook Beach Village District work needs to be done to keep the area looking pristine without treading on the toes and job so expertly done by Seabrook’s Public Works Department. There are times when the Committee is unable to perform a task and an outside contractor is hired. The contractors work under the direction of the Beautification Chairperson.


Bench Coordinator - Mary Jean Scholl


Approximately 70 benches are located at various locations on walkways leading from Ocean Boulevard, Atlantic Avenue and Ocean Drive to the sand on Seabrook’s shoreline. Many benches are well over ten years old and in dire need of upkeep or replacement. Benches break down at the rate of 4 to 5 per year. The newer or refurbished benches while more durable with thicker concrete ends and Trex instead of wood are heavier and difficult to transport and set up. Bench repair and setup requires several volunteers during transportation, installation and/or repair. The bench program is currently in 'maintenance' mode and we are not adding any new benches. The bench committee works on an “on call/as needed” schedule.


ByLaw Committee - Open Position


The By-Laws cover the fundamental principles of the Association. The By-Laws

should describe procedures the group must follow to conduct business in an

orderly manner without restricting the Officers/Board Directors from making

emergency decisions. The last review of Seabrook Beach Civic Association

By-Laws occurred in 2009.


The Seabrook Beach Civic Association membership covers a broad geographical

area that does not always allow for all members to participate in decisions

affecting the association. It is imperative that the Officers/Board of Directors

have the power to make decisions and take action. While some of the power may

be limited, the officers and board of directors must be allowed to make decisions

in emergency situations and because the association does not meet year round.


Correspondence - Doris Sweet


The Association’ corresponding secretary is responsible for providing congratulations, sympathy and general communication to the district’s homeowners and in an emergency may be called upon to take meeting minutes, put together the new member packets and ensure, through others, that members receive any necessary information when the Secretary or Membership Secretary are unavailable.


Data Administrator - Open Position


Our Administrator  is responsible for the installation,  updating, monitoring and maintenance of  the Seabrook Beach Civic Association data system. He uses the information from Membership Forms to create our data informational chart which includes though is not limited to specific information (i.e. membership dues, additional donations, bench and flag sponsorship, etc.) that other association’  committees and officers use to effectively maintain  the areas the Seabrook Beach Civic Association develops and cares for.

Newsletter - Activity on HOLD


Volunteers of all ages are welcome to submit stories, poems, articles, photographs, letters to the editors and general information regarding the beach, town and surrounding area which is compiled and placed in the newsletter.  There are deadlines, please contact Seabrook Beach Civic Association at P.O. Box 1601, Seabrook, NH 03874 with your ideas and interest.


The Seabrook Beach Civic Association creates and prints one newsletter per year. The newsletter is designed to enlighten its readers to the happenings within the village district and the surrounding area and, at times, bring homeowners/taxpayers together for the sake of a common cause. Seabrook Beach Village District is experiencing a growth spurt that appears to cause excitement in some while others have expressed concern. The Village District Commissions handles such issues, while the newsletter is an opportunity to keep its readers informed. It is also a forum for expressing concerns and brainstorming ideas while it acts as a venue for posting information about meetings and actions. Homeowners and renters in the village district live in close proximity to their neighbors yet barely know them. The newsletter is a tool that helps the readers learn about the community by featuring individuals and including information about interests and pursuits that others may share.


The cost of the newsletter, approximately $1.25 per copy, is partially funded by ads from district village and outlying area businesses, which may in turn benefit from a venue specifically targeted to consumers in their immediate area. Consumers also benefit from learning about and supporting neighborhood businesses. By shopping at stores and using services owned by members of the area, our readers help our economy. In addition, a business owned by one of our neighbors is more likely to take a personal interest in your well-being than one that is owned by a corporation thousands of miles away. A prime example is a local homeowner who has offered assistance with the printing and others who are willing to get involved in the process, in the act of gathering stories, writing articles, poems, recipes, assembling the newsletter and in its distribution.


Program Director - Open Position


The role of our program director is to develop and present speakers and programs at the association’s meetings, beginning in April/May ending in October, that will be informative and interesting. The list of speakers/programs may be developed through interaction with the membership and their desires as well as the program directors’ choice. Ideas currently being formulated for the 2014 association meetings include a CPR evening where basic CPR will be presented to all and those those wishing certification, an extended program will follow. Another event is similar to National Night Out where members and guests will be introduced to the members from the Town of Seabrook offices, Fire and Police Departments and the districts’ commissioners, zoning board and building inspector. After a short instruction to all, a meet and greet evening will follow.  Please contact our program director if you have suggestions.


Sand Sculpture/Family Day - Open Position 

The role of the Sand Sculpture/Family Day Coordinator is to coordinate and manage the one-day yearly event. It is planned as a Family Day on Seabrook Beach and intended to bring together Families and friends. Family Day is an all-day event consisting of food, games and the yearly Amateur Sand Sculpture event. The person will coordinate and oversee all of the events of the day beginning with setup and ending with final cleanup. Registration, creation and judging of the Sand Sculpture event begins about 9:30AM and ends once the  decisions have been made and prizes are awarded. Creation, viewing and judging must take place before High tide comes to wash it all away. Coordination of Publicizing the one-day event by the creation and distribution of posters, articles placed in the local newspapers and on our WEB site and raising the topic at our SBCA meetings. Coordinating volunteers as judges, food preparation and sales, local vendors, gathering/purchasing prizes for the ‘winners’ and overseeing the day’s events and the volunteers that help. The event is funded by the Seabrook Beach Civic Association and the generosity of our *volunteers and sponsors. Interested sponsors or volunteers should contact Seabrook Beach Civic Association at P.O. Box 1601, Seabrook, NH 03874.


SBCA Board of Directors  2019-2020

The SBCA board consists of the elected officers and the chair of all current committees

Committee Chair (Standing):  Safety - Frank Leone Jr., Beautification - David Ritchie, Correspondence Secretary - Doris Sweet

Missing: Nominating Committee - Sue Manzi, American Flag Program - Earl & Susan Spruce, Bench Coordinator - Mary jean Scholl

Officers: Vice President - Larry Deshler, Membership Secretary - Peter Volpe Jr., President - Vickie Sawyer, Secretary - Judy David, Treasurer - Ed David


To volunteer with any of the committees, you may contact the chairperson directly (see above for list of names, phone numbers and email addresses) or fill out the form "Volunteer" and mail to:

Seabrook Beach Civic Association

PO Box 1601

Seabrook, NH 03874