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Contact:           Seabrook Beach Village District

Address:          210 Ocean Boulevard

                          PO Box 2660                         

                          Seabrook, NH  03874

Phone:              603- 474-7029







To the inhabitants of the Town of Seabrook, in the County of Rockingham, in said State of New Hampshire, qualified to vote in Town affairs:


You are hereby notified to meet in the auditorium of the Seabrook Community Center, U.S. Route 1 (Lafayette Road) on Tuesday, February 6, 2018, at 7:00 o’clock in the evening to participate in the first session of the 2018 Annual Town Meeting.


And, you are hereby notified that the polls will be open in the auditorium of the Seabrook Community Center, U.S. Route 1 (Lafayette Road) on Tuesday, March 13, 2018, at 7:00 o’clock in the forenoon, and you may cast your ballots on the official ballot questions below, until at least 7:00 o’clock in the evening of the same day.


Further, you are notified that the Moderator will process the absentee ballots beginning at 1:00 o’clock in the afternoon on Tuesday, March 13, 2018, pursuant to RSA 659:49.


... READ MORE  at  2018 Seabrook Town Warrant


Town of Seabrook 2018 Election Information


Filing for Town Offices at the Town Clerk’s Office

January 24, 2018, 8:00AM through February 2, 2018, 5:00PM


Deliberative Session at the Seabrook Recreation Center February 6, 2018, 7:00PM

This is to hear the warrant article, feedback and explanations of the articles.

Also, question and answer on the articles.


Candidate Night to be Announced


Seabrook Town Election at the Seabrook Recreation Center

March 13, 2018 7:00AM-7:00PM

Absentee Ballots Forms are available at the Town Clerk’s Office

Forms and Documents

Board of Adjustment Application

Zoning Ordinance

Certificate of Occupancy Application

Application for Building Permit


Board Members

NAME                                                                             TITLE

Dick Maguire                                                                 Commissioner

Don Hawkins                                                                 Commissioner

Joe Giuffre                                                                      Commissioner

Mike Rurak                                                                     Treasurer

Don Hawkins                                                                  Recording Secretary

Theresa Kyle                                                                   Moderator


Zoning Board of Adjustment

NAME                                                                               TITLE

Henry Therriault                                                             Chairman

Robert Weisner                                                               Member

Doris Sweet                                                                      Member

Mary Durant                                                                    Member

Joe Giuffre                                                                        Member


Building Inspector/Code Enforcement Officer


210 Ocean Boulevard

Seabrook NH 03874

603- 474-7029

Office Hours Tuesday 6PM-8PM


Meeting Date is Tuesday  April 30, 2018

Discussion and Vote on Warrant and Commissioner


Board of Selectman                         

Dept of Pulic Works

Town of  Seabrook


Seabrook was first settled in 1638 and was incorporated as a town in 1768. It was named after the Seabrook River. Early residents included the family of Meshech Weare, who became the state's first president in 1776, what we now know as the Governor. Seabrook is located just north of the Massachusetts border and has two miles of sandy shoreline along the Atlantic Ocean. It’s a seemingly perfect location, within an hour’s drive to major cities such as Boston, MA & Concord, NH and a two hour scenic drive away from New Hampshire’s beautiful White Mountains.

Seabrook Watchdogs is a town-wide, citizen-driven movement with the full support of the Seabrook Police Department.  The mission of Seabrook Watchdogs is to urge people to call the Seabrook Police at 603-474-5200 whenever they see criminal or suspicious behavior, and to encourage neighbors to share information and help each other along the way. 


Seabrook Watchdogs can be gound on Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook at Seabrook Watchdogs on Facebook

There is also an anonymous email list where people can receive alerts and information without using Facebook or Twitter.  

For more information please email


Seabrook Watchdogs










The Blue Ocean Society for Marine Conservation's mission is to protect marine mammals in the Gulf of Maine through education, research and conservation.

Blue Ocean Society was founded by two whale watch naturalists, Jen Kennedy and Dianna Schulte, who were frustrated with the lack of translation of open ocean research into information that could be used by the public. We strive to learn more about the Gulf of Maine, and particularly an important habitat called Jeffreys Ledge, and then bring our research to the public through a variety of outreach programs. We hope by sharing information with the public and resource managers, more people will be inspired to learn more about the marine environment and help protect it.

While to many, the ocean appears clean and blue, especially at a distance, problems lurk in the form of marine debris such as plastics and “ghost” fishing gear, litter on the beaches, and a public that depends largely on the use of disposable products. In addition, the Jeffreys Ledge region, located just 20 miles off the NH/MA coast, supports a wealth of marine life, yet is a relatively understudied area.  Long-term studies on marine mammals such as endangered whales allow us to learn about whale behavior, population health, and preferred habitat, and promote activities that will help increase whale populations and overall ocean health. Blue Ocean Society fulfills a critical role in designing, implementing and effectively managing and overseeing projects that benefit living marine resources.

The Blue Ocean Society for Marine Conservation

143 Pleasant Street

Portsmouth, NH 03801

Office: 603-431-0260

Cell:     603-834-0253

Thanking our Troops, one flight at a time!

The Pease Greeters are a group of patriotic Americans who welcome men and women in our Armed Rorces who pass through Pease International Airport either on their way to or their way home from Afghanistan, Iraq or any other area of conflict.  They have met well over 600 flicghts and have welcomed over 170,000 troops since 2005.



Want to know when to raise or lower your American Flag?



The pilot of the plane road down the runway slowing down to enable their passengers to get a last glimpse of the folks they had just met at  the base. when he reached  the area to turn around he did.. and went back to where he had just left.. this enabled all the passengers on "the other side of the plane" the opportunity to see what their fellow passengers had just witnessed... throngs of well wishes, flags waving and at times a band playing . One more turn around and they were "off"...  some for the first time, other for the third or fourth !

There was barely a dry eye when the plane finally lifted off the ground. 












Flown at Half-staff:

Only the President and Governors of the State can order flags on government buildings to be flown at

     half staff.

Should be first hoisted to the peak for an instant and then lowered to the half-staff position. The flag

     should be again raised to the peak before it is lowered for the day.

By "half-staff" is meant lowering the flag to one-half the distance between the top and bottom of the


Proper vertical display (the blue field of stars should always be in the upper left).

The national flag of the United States of America, often simply referred to as the American flag, consists of thirteen equal horizontal stripes of red (top and bottom) alternating with white, with a blue rectangle in the canton (referred to specifically as the "union") bearing fifty small, white, five-pointed stars arranged in nine offset horizontal rows of six stars (top and bottom) alternating with rows of five stars. The 50 stars on the flag represent the 50 states of the United States of America and the 13 stripes represent the thirteen British colonies that declared independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain and became the first states in the Union. Nicknames for the flag include the "Stars and Stripes", "Old Glory", and "The Star-Spangled Banner".

The American flag is customarily flown all year-round at most public buildings, and it is not unusual to find private houses flying full-size (3' x 5') flags. Some private use is year-round, but becomes widespread on civic holidays like Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Presidents' Day, Flag Day, and on Independence Day. On Memorial Day it is common to place small flags by war memorials and next to the graves of U.S. war veterans. Also on Memorial Day it is common to fly the flag at half staff, until noon, in remembrance of those who lost their lives fighting in U.S. wars.

The United States Flag Code outlines certain guidelines for the use, display, and disposal of the flag. For example, the flag should never be dipped to any person or thing, unless it is the ensign responding to a salute from a ship of a foreign nation. This tradition may come from the 1908 Summer Olympics in London, where countries were asked to dip their flag to King Edward VII: the American flag bearer did not. Team captain Martin Sheridan is famously quoted as saying "this flag dips to no earthly king", though the true provenance of this quotation is unclear.

The flag should never be allowed to touch the ground. If the edges become tattered through wear, the flag should be repaired or replaced. When a flag is so tattered that it can no longer serve as a symbol of the United States, it should be destroyed in a dignified manner, preferably by burning. The American Legion and other organizations regularly conduct flag retirement ceremonies, often on Flag Day, June 14. (The Boy Scouts of America recommends that modern nylon or polyester flags be recycled instead of burned, due to hazardous gases being produced when such materials are burned.)

Seabrook Beach Village District





What is a village district?

Village districts or precincts constitute a specialized form of municipal government.

They are a limited purpose governmental unit having the same authority and power

of towns with respect to the purposes for which the district is formed.


The Seabrook Beach Village District is under the direction of three Commissioners:

Richard Maguire, Ted Xavier and Joe Giuffre.

Michel Rurak is treasurer and Don Hawkins secretary.


Seabrook Beach Village District Commissioners' meetings are held at 210 Ocean Boulevard,

Seabrook New Hampshire the 2nd Monday of the month year round at 7:00 PM

Richard Maguire

Joe Giuffre

Ted Xavier

Don Hawkins

William Manzi  -  Edward Hess Jr   -  Aboull B Khan   -   Raymond Smith   -   Joseph Guiffre  -  Richard McGuire - Ted Xavier        -  Mike Rurak

Town Manager -  Selectman          -   Selectman        -    Selectman            -  Commissioner  -   Commissioner    - Commissioner -   Treasurer

Seabrook Beach Building Inspector


The Seabrook Beach Village District has its own building inspector, Steve Keaney.


Office hours for the building inspector are: Tuesday evenings from 6:00 - 8:00, year round.

Office hours are held at the Seabrook Beach Village District Precinct Building located at

210 Ocean Bulevard - PO Box 266- Seabrook NH 03874-2660


To contact the building inspector call 603-474-7029

Seabrook Beach Zoning Board


The 2013 Members of the Seabrook Beach Zoning Board are:

Joseph Giuffre, Doris Sweet, Hank Therriault, Robert Gardella and Pat Vivenzio.


The Zoning Board meets on the 3rd Wednesday of the month as needed.

Joe Giuffre                           Doris Sweet          Hank Therriault             Robert Gardella              Pat Vivenzio







contact info: Bill Humphreys
Executive Director

Cell   -     207-332-6284
Studio - 603-427-8093


Photo courtesy of Portsmouth Herald

"Portsmouth Public Media (PPMtv) is a different kind of local, community-based television station. Programming is provided by individuals, small businesses and non-profits.

Everyone has a story. Everyone has a voice.  Join us on Comcast Channel 98.

Help us grow our programming by telling your story!


PPMtv is a non-profit 501(c)3 New Hampshire corporation with offices at the South Meetinghouse at 280 Marcy Street, Portsmouth, NH.


Portsmouth is a unique, eclectic town and now we have a multimedia platform to express our individual and collective voices! Our local TV station has programming that is created by YOU! This incredible city is full of incredible stories…..could one of these be yours?

  • Treasure found in your backyard or on the beach

  • Creating your family tree

  • Gardening secrets

  • How to skateboard, play darts, play cribbage

  • Share the local history

  • Highlight a unique talent

  • How local businesses help their customers

  • Non-profit activities that help our community

  • Bring other stories together through the people you know

  • Can you make people laugh?

  • Teach something that you love

  • Celebrate your club activities

  • Share your sporting events

  • Be a talk show host! "