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Seabrook Beach Civic Association Membership

has advantages.  Along with the lovely potted flowers and benches along the beach entryways, American flags proudly flying along Rt.1A, a July Family Day, one of the benefits the Seabrook Beach Civic Association provides the homeowners and residents of the Seabrook Beach Village District are meetings where members are able to meet some of Seabrook's town officials.    

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Planting Dune Grass for Coastal Resilience

October 2017 


On October 5th the NH Coastal Adaptation Workgroup hosted a workshop where residents from coastal communities gathered dune grass from the Common Garden at Hampton Beach State Park. At the Common Garden, native dune grasses have been planted for use in dune restoration efforts on public and private property.

Over 20 participants including beachfront property owners and municipal officials from Seabrook, Hampton, and Rye attended the workshop to learn about how dunes protect homes and infrastructure from storm surges. When hurricanes or northeasters  occur off the east coast, large waves can batter our shores and cause damage to homes and other infrastructure. Healthy dunes in front of these homes can provide critical and sustained storm protection to these properties, eroding naturally with the storms and then building back up in calmer periods. Participants learned about the Common Garden and were able to harvest plants to take home and re-plant on their properties. Residents shared stories of how they appreciate the dunes and how the recent storms and other community activities have been eroding the dunes in the area. When re-planted, the dune grasses will collect sand and allow the dunes to rebuild before the next storm.

The Common Garden is part of a project run by NH Sea Grant and UNH Cooperative Extension in partnership with the Department of Natural and Cultural Resources. The project is funded, in part, by NOAA's Office for Coastal Management in conjunction with the NHDES’ Coastal Program.  For more information about the Common Garden and related dune restoration efforts, see: Planting Dune Grass for Coastal Resilience


Alyson Eberhardt

Coastal Ecosystems Specialist
NH Sea Grant| UNH Extension
122 Mast Road
Lee, NH 03861-3512

Photos Courtesy of Alyson Eberhardt


Seabrook Fire Department's Fire Alarm Operators








(L-R) Fire Chief William Edwards, Select Woman Theresa Kyle, FAO Tarnya Cody, FAO Zach Annis, Select Woman Ella Brown, Town Manager William Manzi, FAO Kassandra Lee, FAO James Gettman, Selectman Aboul Khan, and Deputy Fire Chief Koko Perkins


The Seabrook Fire Department’s new Fire Alarm Operators have begun full time duties this week. They are Taryna Cody of Seabrook, Kassandra Lee of Amesbury, James Gettman of Seabrook, and Zach Annis of Exeter.

These four new employees are functioning in our Dispatch Center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, answering calls from the public for the many services provided by the Seabrook Fire Department.This is the first time in our Department’s history that we’ve been able to offer complete 24 hour per day dispatch coverage, guaranteeing that someone will be available to answer all incoming calls from the public, and helping Seabrook Fire and EMS to ensure the quickest possible responses to those calls.


The Board authorized these four positions from the ambulance revolving fund, enabling Seabrook to fill a critical, and unmet public safety need while affording Seabrook taxpayers some relief. The ambulance revolving fund is financed through revenues raised by our ambulance service.

Beach Patrol 2017

by Susan Spruce

Kevin Giannino was one of four 'patrollers' working and/or interning with the police department in hopes of bringing some relief to the parking situation we experience during the summer from Memorial Day to Labor Day.    The actual program was initiated last August with not much time to establish a history of success except to get it going and try it out.  So Kevin helped do that and came back for a second year.  He has lived in Seabrook for 2 years.   After having had a 30 year successful career 'sitting behind a desk'  as a major hotel executive, he is enjoying his retirement substitute teaching at Newburyport high school during the school year and in the summertime  riding around the streets of the district  "getting some exercise, getting some air and meeting some incredible people".  

Kevin had a great summer!

Patrollers work in shifts of 6 hours four days a week for a total of 24 hours per week.  Just enough!  

On busy days especially he might be anywhere and everywhere in the area keeping the rights of way and residents'  driveways clear.   He says the beach residents are nice to him often offering cold water or food or just some friendly smiles and chat.

As they carry police monitors and interact closely with the police, Kevin has gained much appreciation and respect for what the police go through and do each day and that we have dedicated men and women serving on our wonderful force!  

Owen Carroll as well has been cruising the streets and parking lot of our village district on a bicycle ticketing illegally parked cars.

He is a junior at Great Bay College serving an internship this summer with the  Seabrook Police Department.   He discovered his internship through his school and consequently will be evaluated and graded by his supervisor Sgt. Buccheri, Seabrook PD.

Owen has enjoyed his summer so far and sees it as a great opportunity to experience 'hands on' in his pursuit of a criminal justice degree and 'after getting in the required shape', applying to the police academy.   His interaction with the police force has also afforded him the  chance to do ride-alongs with officers, observe court proceedings, shadow detectives and listen to the dispatchers. 

Owen is a very friendly, personable and focused young man.  He's having fun while we, the residents, are benefitting from his "police" presence!


Parking Enforcement

The town of Seabrook prohibits the parking of any vehicle at any time under the following articles:

  1. Within fifteen (15) feet of a fire hydrant.

  2. Within twenty (20) feet of an intersection.

  3. Within fifty (50) feet of the termination of a dead end road.

  4. At Seabrook beach in the right of way to the beach, from 1:00am on the Friday of Memorial Day weekend to 12:00 midnight on September 15th.

  5. On any real estate owned or controlled by the town of Seabrook where, at the direction of the selectmen a sign is posted clearly indicating parking is prohibited.

  6. At the town pier parking lot unless a valid resident parking sticker is located on a window on the vehicle.

  7. On certain posted roads at Seabrook beach between 1:00am on the Friday of Memorial Day weekend to 12:00 midnight September 15th unless the proper designated resident sticker or property owner is displayed on the vehicle.

  8. Stopped or parked so as to impede or interfere with the proper snow clearing operations of the town.

  9. General prohibited parking of within a fire lane, parking after hours or blocking a driveway


Any vehicle parking in violation of a town ordinance is subject to fines between fifty dollars ($50.00) and one hundred dollar ($100.00) and may be towed. Fines are to be paid by mail or in person at the Seabrook Police Department.
















Coffee with a Cop

by Frank J. Leone Jr.

Friday, July 28, 2017

10:00 AM

Coffee with a Cop is on a mission

to improve trust and build relationships between the Seabrook Police Department

and the members of the Seabrook community -

one cup of coffee at a time.



Chief Mike Gallagher hosted Coffee with a Cop Friday, July 28th

at the Seabrook Beach Precinct Building (210 Ocean Boulevard).


Homeowners and visitors in the Seabrook Beach Village District and beyond

came to meet with Chief Gallagher in a social setting.

some brought their family and friends and *socialized.


*This is not the time to bring up problems, complaints, etc. but to learn more about

the men who work tirelessly to protect us and to share your stories with them.

(L-R) Parking Enforcement Kevin Giannino, Officer John Giarrusso, Deputy Chief Brett Walker, Chief Mike Gallagher, Officer Zach Bunszell, Sergeant Patrick Smart, Parking Enforcement Jake Bartlett.









 (L-R) Parking Enforcement Kevin Giannino, Officer Jeff                                                                                                                   Baillargeon, Parking Enforcement Jake Bartlett.


Coffee with a Cop  

by Frank J. Leone Jr.

Friday, July 29, 2016

10:00 AM




                   A picture is worth a thousand words                            Selectmen Etta Brown along with Amy Davis Secretary

                                                                                                            to the town Manager and Selectman, Kelly O'Connor,

                                                                                                            Deputy Town Manager and Selectman Theresa Kyle

                                                                                                            stopped by.

                    CardioPulmonary Resuscitation

                                                  Precinct Building ~ 210 Ocean Blvd


Simple CPR May Save A Life

CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) is an emergency procedure, performed in an effort to manually preserve intact brain function until further measures can be taken to restore spontaneous blood circulation and breathing in a person in cardiac arrest.  It can be successful in those who are unresponsive with no breathing or abnormal breathing. It does not require additional devices and can be performed by a layperson with only a little bit of training.


Many believe that having the informative and having attended and been certified during an enjoyable class helps people retain the information, which then leads to better lifesaving skills. It also increases by-stander involvement since people feel more confident and may be better rescuers. Taking the course with family, friends, neighbors, etc. may also provide a “back up” person should more qualified personnel take longer to arrive.


The Seabrook Beach Civic Association goal, with the help of the Seabrook Fire Department and Firefighter EMT Kevin Janvrin, is to provide that training by making a CPR Certification Course available to as many homeowners and guests as possible.  If interested, contact us at Seabrook Beach Civic Association at P.O. Box 1601, Seabrook, NH 03874.

                                           This class is repeated every 2 years - 2016, 2018, 2020 .......





Know the signs of a stroke, help save a life




Face dropping - Ask the person to smile, does one side of the mouth droop?

Arm weakness - Raise both arms, does one arm drift down?

Speech difficulty - Ask the person to repeat a simple sentence such as “The dog jumps over the fence.”                                                                    Are they slurring the words or unable to repeat the sentence?

Time to call 911

In Seabrook, call 3434 or 603 474-5200 to have the call go directly to the Seabrook Police Department IF you have answered “yes” to any of the questions above.

911 calls go to Concord and relayed to Seabrook.


The faster you arrive at a hospital the better.  

Stroke patients that get to an Emergency Room within 3 hours of the first symptom have shown to

have better outcomes and less residual effects.