SBCA  MEETINGS   2013-Sept 2018

Seabrook Beach Civic Association Membership

has advantages.  Along with the lovely potted flowers and benches along the beach entryways, American flags proudly flying along Rt.1A, a July Family Day, one of the benefits the Seabrook Beach Civic Association provides the homeowners and residents of the Seabrook Beach Village District are meetings where members are able to meet some of Seabrook's town officials.      



May 21, 2018 7:00 Seabrook Beach Civic Association Meeting

201 Ocean Blvd Seabrook, NH 03874

Guest Speaker:  Chief William Edwards, Seabrook Fire Department



June 18, 2018   7:00 Seabrook Beach Civic Association Meeting

201 Ocean Blvd Seabrook, NH 03874

Guest Speaker:  Angela L. Silva, CNHA- Assessor


July 16, 2018  6:30 Seabrook Beach Civic Association Meeting

201 Ocean Blvd Seabrook, NH 03874

Guest Speakers:

Town Manager William M. Manzi III           Seabrook Police Chief Michael Gallagher

Selectman Ella M . Brown                   Aboul B. Khan                                    Theresa A, Kyle

August 20, 2018   7:00 PM Seabrook Beach Civic Association Meeting  

201 Ocean Blvd Seabrook, NH 03874

Guest speakers:  Joe Guiffre, Don Hawkins, Dick Maguire and Mike Rurack

September 17, 2018   7:00 PM Seabrook Beach Civic Association Meeting  

201 Ocean Blvd Seabrook, NH 03874

Election of Officers for 2019-2020

October 4, 2018   7:00 PM Seabrook Beach Civic Association Meeting  

201 Ocean Blvd Seabrook, NH 03874

Guest speaker: Town Manager - William M. Manzi III

Meeting Minutes October 4, 2018


September 21, 2017
Seabrook Beach Civic Association Meeting


This meeting has been canceled.

A final 2017 year wrap-up report is pending

See you in the SPRING

While the September Seabrook Beach Civic Association Meeting was canceled

 the work of the Chairmen and their committees did not stop...

August 21, 2017 

Seabrook Beach Civic Association Meeting 

Officers and board members in attendance:

Phyllis Farfaras (President), Doris Sweet (Correspondence), Vickie Sawyer (Secretary), Roland Jacques (Treasurer), Peter Volpe Jr. (Membership Secretary), Frank Leone Jr. (Seabrook PD & FD Liaison), and Earl and Susan Spruce (American Flag Program).

July 17, 2017 

Seabrook Beach Civic Association Meeting 

Officers and Board Members in attendance:  Phyllis Farfaras (President), Doris Sweet (Correspondence), Vickie Sawyer (Secretary and Bench Program Coordinator), Roland Jacques (Treasurer), Peter Volpe Jr. (Membership Secretary), and Frank Leone (SBPD & SBFD Liaison).

June 19, 2017 

Seabrook Beach Civic Association Meeting 

President Phyllis Farfaras introduced guest speaker, Town Assessor Angela Silva, to approximately 60 members of the Seabrook Beach Village district.

May 15, 2017 

Seabrook Beach Civic Association Meeting 

Frank Leone Jr., the SBCA SBPD & FD Liaison, who introduced guest speakers Deputy Fire Chief "Koko" Perkins, Police Chief Mike Gallagher and Officer Dave Hersey (new K-9 unit).



Seabrook Beach Civic Association Meetings

210 Ocean Blvd, Seabrook, NH


Seabrook Beach Civic Association Email:



Adopt - A - Highway Program (May –October)

Scheduled at the volunteer’s convenience anytime during the 1st or 3rd  week of the month                                            

Co-ordinate with 603-474-8845

Adopt – A – Pathway/Flower Pot Program (May – October)  

 Scheduled at the volunteer’s convenience coordinating with David Ritchie 603-474-8845,


August 18, 2014 ~ Monday 


Subject : Seabrook Beach Village District Parking...


Town Manager Manzi, Selectman Khan and Selectman Hess arrived to a packed room last evening. Approximately 100 beach district homeowners attended a meeting scheduled especially for them, before the beach season ended and many went back to their winter dwellings. The meeting was scheduled for the sole purpose of discussing the current parking regulations in the Seabrook Beach Village District and was open to the general public.

While much was said over the 90 minutes. 

There was a little discussion about the lack of use of the resident parking lot along 1A between the Precinct Building and the public restrooms. Mention was made that not many use those spaces allotted to Seabrook residents. But, in the end, most agreed that it was better to keep them than to return to the previous system and perhaps the area could be promoted more so folks would know it existed and usage would increase.

Extended driveways was a "questioned" area. Most homeowners are allowed 20' driveways, some have extended that and others simply park cars all along their property even on the grass thereby giving the impression that one cannot park in the street in front of the property even though legally they can. Several folks wanted to know if they could, legally, block folks in. It was explained that. It is a very fine line... we are all neighbors and residents of Seabrook (residing either at the beach or in the town) - and yes, legally one can park across those cars, but no one suggested that they do that. It was suggested that letters go out to explain to those homeowners explaining the width of an acceptable driveway. No one suggested confronting a homeowner. 

Lined spaces were brought up in passing and no one thought that was a good idea. Everyone who spoke felt it would take away from the area and that there were other ways to solve any issues.

Multiple family dwellings- and the number of passes one receives was brought up. In as much as most of the multifamily dwellings are for rental units and not homeowners, those in attendance did not voice agreement for any change in the system we have now.

Handicapped parking- Town Manager Manzi and the Selectmen mentioned that new spaces will be set aside on Hooksett Street and that they will look into setting aside additional spaces in the district.
At the end of the evening a show of hands for the current system was given- of those in attendance at that time all but 3 agreed that the current system should prevail. The evening ended on a very positive note- there were many more praises than zings for the town manager and the selectmen and the current parking system.

Whether the current system will continue or not is still the decision of Town Manager Manzi and the Selectmen who will review the program, last night’s meeting, possibly have additional discussion at other meetings over the coming months. People are urged to keep informed, not just about the parking system but about all ton matters. To check the town website, to call town hall, to keep abreast of what is happening and to specifically attend the 2015 deliberative session in February. 

I would like to personally, on behalf on the Seabrook Beach Civic Association , thank Town Manager Manzi, Selectman Hess and Selectman Khan for coming out last evening, not know what to expect and staying as long as it took to hear everyone’s concerns, and answer everyone’s questions.



January 29, 2014, Wednesday at 7 pm, Precinct Building


Subject: Parking Meeting


Seabrook Beach Village District Homeowners this message is regarding parking within the Seabrook Beach Village District 


Parking and parking permits have been an "issue" for some time. A committee has been organized to determine what, if anything, can be done to assist everyone involved.  


Please read the code and additional information regarding it. It can be seen in its entirity within the Town of Seabrook (NH) website... it effects everyone who owns a home in the Seabrook Beach Village District. 


Basically it says that only those who register their vehicles in the Town of Seabrook will receive permission (using a sticker) to park on the streets within the village district (it is detailed later in the code on which streets who can park where). 


It also makes provisions for those who vote in the Town of Seabrook. 


It further reads that homeowners who are registered voters will receive two parking passes - specifically for guests. It does NOT make any accommodations for renters as renters are not guests - they pay to use your home.


What this means is that if you are a homeowner but do not vote or register your vehicle in Seabrook, you may only park in a driveway- be it your own or someone you are visiting. 


While passes have not been given out according to "code", they may be this year.. as the town selectmen may vote to order the code to be enforced as written.  


If you would like your voice heard on the matter, you have an opportunity to attend a public meeting on Wednesday evening (January 29) at 7:00 PM in the Seabrook Beach Village District precinct building on Ocean Boulevard. Should you choose not to attend or not send a message as to your thoughts, they will not be heard.  


I urge everyone with an interest in this code to attend Wednesday night's meeting.  


Discussion will be heard by the committee in charge of looking into the Seabrook Beach Village District parking situation. This is your chance to discuss the situation (rationally, please) with those who will ultimately be suggesting options to the selectmen that may or may not change the way parking on the streets is determined.  


Please pass the word.








January 15, 2014, Wednesday at 9 am


Seabrook Beach Village District homeowners, especially - this affects YOU.

If you own a home, rent or visit Seabrook Beach, NH, THIS meeting and all others concerning parking in the area known as the SBVD should be considered extremely important to you and placed on your schedule.

The meeting is Wednesday, January 15, 2014, at 9:00 AM at town hall- 
unless cancelled (you would need to check that with town hall officials on that date).

The January 15th meeting is open to the public and it is for "listening" only - to town department heads regarding parking along the street within the Seabrook Beach Village District. 

Listen to the discussion and commentaries regarding parking along the streets of the Seabrook Beach Village District. 

Listen carefully, take notes and be prepared to attend another meeting- because on January 29th you will be allowed to speak.

The meeting held on January 29th at 7:00 PM in the Seabrook Beach Precinct Building on Ocean Boulevard Seabrook NH is for you, the people, to speak. People will be allowed to voice their concerns, etc. at THAT meeting.

It is very easy for people to sit back, walk along the streets, hang out at the local restaurants and the beach and complain- but that does not accomplish anything... especially AFTER THE FACT. At that point, you have no one but yourself to blame if things don't go the way you would like or see a compromise you can live with (especially if you have not at least tried to be involved). This is the time that counts- to do something about the situation. Attend the meeting Wednesday, the 15th, listen to what the department heads have to say and then speak up on the 29th as an informed individual. 

If you are away, ask if there is a way to have the minutes of the 15th's meeting and if you feel the need to, respond by sending an email or letter. There is no excuse to not be involved with today's technology at our fingertips. 

If there is a way for the SBCA to have the minutes of the meeting placed on the website, we will do that.






Seabrook Beach Civic Association Meeting

Everett Strangman     Lawrence "KoKo" Perkins

Fire Chief                        Deputy Chief

Eric Small  -  Bill Manzi      

Historian  -  Town Manager

A lot can be learned by attending the Seabrook Beach Civic Association’ meetings…


Seabrook Fire Department Chief Everett Strangman and Deputy Chief Lawrence  “KoKo” Perkins  spoke at one of the Association’ meetings.


In Seabrook, we have 18 full time and additional on call, firemen on board. Deputy Chief Perkins stated that on any given ‘day-off’, he or others might get called “out of the “pool” to cover for other personnel in an emergency situation. It’s almost like working a year and a half for a year’s pay,” he exclaims!  but, everyone understands the need.


The men explained that there is a mandatory residency  law in Seabrook; not so in many cities and towns. They, therefore, have a genuine interest in our community. They live here; their children go to school here; they coach their children’s sports teams. They are integral members of the community.


How do they work and what they do?  While the men explained that 90% of their job is rescue most of the public think that they are always fighting fires.


Most often, their job consists of the ambulance calls—which is what happens when we call 911.

Whenever a 911 call comes in, two vehicles, the ambulance and the rescue truck, go out together- always. While there are times both are not needed, the times that they are, it is best to have them both there. They proudly describe the ambulance as phenomenally equipped, ‘like a moving hospital ER’, allowing them to start some of the functions that might otherwise have to wait until arrival at the hospital. To that end, their medical knowledge is underscored by the many rigorous hours of professional training that they undergo to maintain their emergency qualifications.


Deputy Chief Perkins, is also a state Representative. He admits that being Deputy Chief is sometimes more than he had bargained for. The department was in transition when they spoke ... tactics and strategy-balancing needs: manpower, updating vehicles, building, technology and equipment. A tough job! Much of the equipment is antiquated, the building needs painting, dispatch needs modernizing ... and yet they recognize as taxpayers themselves, there are limits and burdens we all face in the voting booth and therefore, the challenges challenge!!


Seabrook Beach Civic Association 2013-2015


The first public meeting for the 2013-2015 Officers/Board of Directors was held October 21, 2013.

Following are the minutes of the meeting.

Approximately 45 beach village district homeowners attended.

The Seabrook Beach Civic Association "public meeting season" begins in May and ends in October.  However, the officers and board of directors meet in earnest during the ‘winter months’ coordinating the events and meeting schedule for the upcoming season. As much work is done during the “off” season as is done during the "on”. 


Highlights of the October 21, 2013, meeting:


Welcome to Roland Jacques, our new treasurer:

We would like to thank Maureen Carey for her many years of service a treasurer.

You have received a copy of our past expenses. As you can see our operating expenses and our income are pretty well matched.  I will be happy to help clarify any questions you might have.



The Seabrook Beach Civic Association thanks David Ritchie for stepping up to take over the Chairmanship of the Beautification Committee from Roland Jacques. Roland has been the chairman of the committee for over 10 years and has decided it was time to hand over the reigns. Our thanks to Roland, as well, he has done an amazing job over the years.


Beautification is a minimum 9 month a year job. While there is a bit of a rest and certainly no leaves to rake, once the snow begins to disappear begins the process of preparing the areas we are responsible for begins (i.e. ready the flowers to bloom, shrubs, raking, removing debris, etc.).

This winter, David and his crew will be keeping a close eye on the condition of the "welcome" sign. Want to assist in beautification?

Contact us at Seabrook Beach Civic Association at P.O. Box 1601, Seabrook, NH 03874.



“Welcome to Seabrook Beach and Harbor” sign - David Ritchie addressed the issue.

The sign itself presently requires additional repairs to the frame before it can be ready to be hung. At this time,

it is believed that the sign is on state owned land. David Ritchie is consulting with town hall as to the physical

location of the sign prior to it being hit.  If the sign was on state property and the Town of Seabrook is willing,

the Association will work with the town to find an appropriate location on town owned land.













 American Flag Program:

The life expectancy of the American made American flags the Association flies along 1A (Ocean Boulevard, Seabrook) is approximately two seasons (8-10 months). Among the reasons for the low life span are the conditions along 1A ,the specific height requirement from the ground up that the pole must be located and the fact that there id  lack of trees, houses, etc. to act as a buffer from the high winds that rip through the area.


The two year sponsorship of the previous flags has ended and solicitation for sponsorship of new American flags has begun. The sponsorship will remain at $50.00 for two seasons (June through September). 

Forms for sponsoring an American Flag can be found at the end of this meeting synopsis as well as under Raising the American Flag. A line item also exists on the 2013-2014 Membership Form and may be used to sponsor a flag.

Volunteers are needed The American flag and the pole are purchased separately and must be combined prior to when the flags are placed on the telephone poles, normally the first week of June.

Those interested in helping with this project can contact us at Seabrook Beach Civic Association at P.O. Box 1601, Seabrook, NH 03874..



Beach District Parking:

Summer 2013 was perfect.. a series of hot, sunny days and the beach was packed. Between the hot sun and frazzled nerves of folks trying to locate a space to leave their cars, the parking situation on Atlantic Avenue, Hooksett and Haverhill Streets escalated to nearly war proportions with nearly everyone seeming to raise objections to everything and anything having to do with putting their vehicle close to the Atlantic Ocean. There are fewer than 100 parking spaces for approximately 8,000 uptown homeowners on the “preferred” streets.  Village Beach District homeowners are not allowed to park on the three streets mentioned above.


It was after one of the last heat waves when the water and the sand hit the street and the "officials" became involved. It was then discovered that while there is a parking code, it is not being followed- parking passes were being given out to folks who did not fall under the guidelines of the current code.  Instead of calling it what it was, a mistake, letting it go (since by then it was the end of August) and make preparations to adhere to the code in 2014, it was decided to create a committee to study the situation.  

The committee would include 7 people 3 from "uptown" (no restrictions) and three from the beach district (one had to be a commissioner).  While nowhere in the Seabrook Code or Seabrook's Charter, the ruling by today's selectmen regarding who can be on a committee was found in a ruling signed by the 2008 selectmen (Richard McCann, Robert Moore and Brendan Kelly) when they voted to ban taxpayers who are not registered voters in the town of Seabrook from any and all committees and boards. Seabrook Fire, Police and DPW would be involved in deliberations in an advisory capacity and the town manager would be placing one person on the committee.


Since only Seabrook registered voters were eligible to be on the committee, the homeowners/taxpayers effected the most by any change (even if it went back to the current code) were shutout from  a position on the committee as they are, by code, shut out from parking on any street in the beach village district.

The members of the Seabrook Committee for Parking at Seabrook Beach are:

Ted Xavier (Commissioner)

Tom Fay (Tyngsboro Street)

Rose Flanagan (Portsmouth Avenue)

Mary Dow (Seabrook‘s Certified Assessing Clerk)

Amy Davis (Secretary to the Town’s Selectmen)

Paula Wood (Chair of Seabrook’s Budget Committee)


The Seabrook Code regarding parking within Seabrook Beach Village District is under Article 1V… 249.19 Parking Permits.


Link for complete Code is:

FYI: This is an 800 page document and takes a long time to download.


Bench Program:

Several benches have been destroyed or have rotted out over the past year; these benches will be removed from their location by Seabrook's DPW. The sponsors of the benches have been located and are in the process of deciding where or not to re-sponsor the bench. Depending on their decision, and the Board's decision whether to lift the moratorium on new benches and/or new sponsors... work will begin to replace what has been taken away. This will including watching the weather and the tide over the winter months since several of the benches were and some still are close to the high water mark. Once there is no longer a chance of foul weather, the replacement of the benches can begin (normally in late April or early May).

Chairman contact at Seabrook Beach Civic Association at P.O. Box 1601, Seabrook, NH 03874.



Several years ago, our membership was around 400… a little less than ½ of the number of homeowners had joined the Association that year. Unfortunately, a few months later, our membership chair passed away and not only did we lose a wonderful friend in Dick Kirsch, but an amazing spokesperson for our group.

For the last few years we have not had someone as committed as Dick was in getting the “numbers up” until Peter Volpe joined us as Membership Secretary this past summer. Peter’s goal is to match Dick’s and perhaps pass it. Peter has some wonderful ideas and is looking for help to implement them.  Contact at Seabrook Beach Civic Association at P.O. Box 1601, Seabrook, NH 03874.


Newsletter and Website:

The newsletter and website are year round projects. Photographs, stories, poems and recipes for the both are welcome. Items are kept in a file until January for the newsletter when the work of putting it together begins. The information and layout for the newsletter must be in the hands of the printer by the beginning of March to assure it will be mailed out to Seabrook’s Village District's homeowners by April 1st. 

Submit items for both the newsletter and website to Seabrook Beach Civic Association at P.O. Box 1601, Seabrook, NH 03874.


Newsletter Ads:

Ads for the newsletter will be accepted from October 2013 to February 1, 2014. *Ads have included birthday and anniversary wishes along with the "normal" business ads (i.e. restaurants, banks, realtors, etc..  A business card size ad is $50.  A double business card size ad is $75.  The newsletter is distributed to approximately 1,000 households/businesses and seen on the website as newsletters are included..   

Contact us at Seabrook Beach Civic Association at P.O. Box 1601, Seabrook, NH 03874.

*When purchasing personal ads keep the timeline in mind - the newsletter is distributed mid-late April.