Donations to Our Programs





Donations to our Flag program come from our many members and help us to honor those that have served and are serving in our armed forces.  They are honored below:

Claire Adams, Bob & Nancy Arakelian , Mary  Blackwell , Gil & Marilyn  Campbell, Joseph & Nicolina Catalano, Frances Cesar, David & Ruth Cleavall, Charles & Elizabeth Daher, Paul & Jonelle Derby, Kenneth Dunn, Ellen Goggin, Robert & Colleen Gossett, Grace Hamilton, Peter & Lisa Larock, Frank & Angela Leone, Joanne & Lou Luciano, Richard & Margaret Maguire, John & Mary Lou Mccarthy, George & Christina Mercuri, Tom & Robyn Milbury, Louis & Patricia Mooradian, Tom & Joan Pennace, Rosemary Piper, Suzanne St. Hilaire, Patricia Stone, Henry & Barbara Therriault, David Tully, Mark Vinciguerro, Peter Volpe Jr and Katherine Walsh





Donations to our Bench program come from our members and friends and are used to maintain and care for over 70 benches on 20 paths to allow us to stop and enjoy the view and the beach.

They are honored below:


Bob & Linda Allard , Michael Ashwood , Scott & Julie Bernier, Gil & Marilyn  Campbell, Joseph & Nicolina Catalano, Nickolas Catalano, David & Karen Cox, Laura & Kevin Currier, Cheryl & Mike Denicola, Paul & Jonelle Derby, Mike & Maureen Gnecco, Robert & Colleen Gossett, Edward & Kathleen Hayes, Roland & Josephine Jacques, Gloria Kirsch, Frank & Angela Leone, Joanne & Lou Luciano, Janice & Patrick Mccabe, George & Christina Mercuri, Tom & Robyn Milbury, Sharon Morris, Dawn O'Keefe, Ann O'Sullivan, Tom & Joan Pennace, John & Marie Ross, Mary Jean Scholl, John & Karen Sennott, Peter & Linda Shovkimas, Suzanne St. Hilaire, Patricia Stone, Veta & Ira Stone and John Wyka


Donations to our General fund help us fund the many other beautification programs that we pursue to make our beach experience more enjoyable.  They are honored below:

Ken & Mary Annaldo, Kevin & Pam Barry, Family Belko , Paul & Louise Bresnahan , Bill & Debbie Carroll, Joseph & Nicolina Catalano, Frances Cesar, John & Ann Coddaire, Steven & Kin Contarino, Mike & Mickaela Cremin, Charles & Elizabeth Daher, Mark & Deborah Davidson, Ernest Diburro, Pat & Jim Driscoll, Mary  Durant, Peter, Phyllis & PeterRoss Farfaras, Edward & Sheila Fleming, Scannell, Susan Fleming, Kevin, Michelle Franz, Carl & Janice Furlong, Joan Gallahue, James & Phyllis Gorman, Robert & Colleen Gossett, Noreen & John Grady, Don & Maureen Hawkins, Edward & Kathleen Hayes, O'Sullivan, Mary Hoye, Kathleen, Rosemary & Michael Jeans, Gloria Kirsch, George & Jill Laganas, Peter & Lisa Larock, Frank & Angela Leone, Richard & Margaret Maguire, Suzanne & Tom Manzi, George & Christina Mercuri, Dawn O'Keefe, Joyce Phinney, Hajjar, Donna Rosen, Jeff, John & Marie Ross, Bill & Mary Ryzewic, Stanley Saba, Dante Savastano, Vickie Sawyer, Susan & Earle Spruce, Suzanne St. Hilaire and David Tully