Lee Labrecque

Lee Labrecque of Dracut Street was an active member of the SBCA since 1997.  He was a tireless, willing worker on all and any Association projects.  Lee passed away at age 69 on August 2, 2007 after a brave battle with cancer.


Cargill Memorial

David Ritchie and David Clevall are sprucing up the Cargill Memorial for Memorial Day. 

If you haven't been by it is at the corner of Ocean Blvd and Hookset Street.

Volunteers range in age and experience but all to help make our beach beautiful

Harborside Dedication 2013

Bonnie Fowler- Amy Davis-Kelly O'Conner-Bill Manzi

Aboul B Khan    Maggie Hassan

Selectman           NH Govenor

Donated by Arleigh Greene

Chief Lee Bitomske

Edward Hess     Amy &  Lawrence (Koko) Perkins

Selectman                     NH Representatives

Department Chief Gallagher  Adam Laurent

  Patrick Smart         Thomas Willwerth

Dottie Clark     Joanne & Roland Jacques

Asa Knowles

Work continues after the dedication.

Harborside Park… One Man’s Vision Coming True


Former Selectman Bob Moore asked DPW Manager John Starkey to pursue a “vision”… to create an attractive park in the area of Route 1-A, close to the Hampton border at the town’s harbor in a vacant lot. That was in 2006! Between then and now, Mr. Starkey has made the vision one of his projects. By dividing the project into two phases, Mr. Starkey pursued grants. The first awarded grant ($18,000) was used to refurbish the fences and gates. 


In 2012, with Seabrook’s voters approving a $50,000 match for a grant of $62,500 that was awarded by the federal government's National Park the next step could begin… the park will include a boat ramp, boardwalk, four picnic tables and benches, which will be fastened to concrete platforms. The park will be a carry-in/carry-out facility.


At a March Selectmen’ meeting concerns regarding Southwind Construction of Indiana and the recent harbor dredging project were brought up by Selectman Raymond Smith. Mr. Starkey mentioned the areas were of no concern to the Harborside Park project. Several others expressed concern over losing the funds if they did not proceed. Aboul Khan, Selectmen chairman said he would approve the project but wanted criteria for parking at Harborside Park, (only handicapped drivers allowed within the park's fenced area).


The board voted…Public Works Department Manager John Starkey may use grant money for the project. Both Khan and Selectman Ed Hess voted in favor of approving a construction contract to the lowest bidder, Wm. P. Davis of Hampton. The project can begin.


We all look forward to the changes.


FYI The $112,000 project was favorably agreed upon by the National Park Service because of the Harborside Park theme, which is to provide accessibility to people for a salt water and fishing experience, regardless of his or her physical ability

Dredging the harbor

It was a spectacular view for residents who lived along the Seabrook coastline as they watched crews put down an intricate pipeline that stretched for more than a mile to Seabrook Beach and approximately 170,000 tons of sand blasting from a pipe onto

the beach to protect it from erosion.

At the beginning of the project, Marc Habel, chief of Navigation Section in the Planning Branch of the Army Corps of Engineers in Concord, MA - the contractor, Southwind Construction of Evansville, IN, estimated 115,000 cubic yards of sediment would be dredged from Seabrook's harbor bottom and 55,000 cubic yards from Hampton's.  The Army Corps of Engineers began the $3.1 million dollar project to dredge sand from the bottom of Hampton Harbor in November 2012.  

The purpose was to clear the harbor to enable commercial fishing vessels get in and out.  As it was, fishermen were sometimes held up for hours by sandbars at low tide.

What was a plus for the fishermen, the homeowners learned and saw that along with the sand, sediment, silt and a host of foreign objects were pumped through 8,400 linear feet of piping traveling in a northerly direction up to and then under the Neil Underwood Bridge before traveling around the "Sunset Valley" beach area of Hampton and then along Seabrook Beach to its final resting place on the beach's south end.

How long will it be before the project needs to be redone? That is up to Mother Nature!