2013-Sept 2018

Family Day / Sand Sculpture Competition

For those wishing to participate in the Sand Castle event, check over the photos for ideas and remember all we supply is the beach's sand and the ocean's water- you must bring everything else.

Single competitors are divided by age- i.e.  9  and under,  10 - 16  and 17-25 . Groups of mixed ages , including one for a mix of over 25 and under will also be  allowed  giving parents and grandparents an opportunity to assist in the creation.

Family Day / Sand Sculpture Competition


Always a great Family day for everyone. 

Be sure to join us in July for our next great event

It will be Sand- sational !

  by Robert and Anthony Ciarletta


They will come with buckets, molds, shovels and a notion

They’ll bring relatives, friends and sun tan lotion.

From the looks on their faces, they will be on a mission

It will the Seabrook Beach Civic Association Sand Sculpture Competition

The sand will start flying and things will begin to take form

There will be mermaids, castles and a ship wrecked in the storm

There will be laughter and teamwork and loads of fun

And prizes for all those who have won

On Saturday July 7, Seabrook Beach will be the place to be,

because the best part of all.... it will be all free!

Family Day / Sand Sculpture Competition

July 9, 2017

Sand Castle Contest

By Celia Mann, 11 years old, three-year contestant


The sand castle contest is a great way to show off your skills.

It’s a great opportunity to work as a team, or individually.            

 If you get hungry, don’t worry!

There are hot dogs, water and soda to keep up your energy.                                                                         

It’s located on Seabrook's beach.

It is easy to spot because there is a lot of caution tape and big tables. You can bring your own shovels, buckets, and anything else.

You can also bring objects from home to dazzle it up, or you can also look for stuff on the beach.


You sign in and they give you a number and a category.

The best part is you don’t need to know how to build a sand castle, just do it from the heart.

It’s a chance for kids and adults to be a little competitive.

The contest lasts for a couple of hours.

 Friends and family can swim in the ocean while they wait.

After the horn blows, prizes will be given out, and you walk home with a smile on your face.


So come on down to Seabrook Beach





We would like to thank the following for their generous donations:

Joe's Playland

O'Keefe's General Store

Tripoli Pizza

Eastman's Fishing Fleet

Dunlap's Ice Cream

Chucky Rosa

Adoul Khan 

Mary Rae Preston









Seabrook Beach Civic Association

 Sand Sculpting/Seabrook Day Out Event 

 JULY 11, 2015




No one drops 1 ounce or 200 tons of imported sand on our beach. Our beach is not lit at night, as is our neighbors during their contest, because ours is during daylight hours (10:00 AM- 2:00 PM) and once high tide reaches shore our contestants’ sculptures are washed away. The competition is not by invitation only in fact, we don’t send out invitations at all… to entice our amateur sculptures… we create a few posters and hang them around the beach district and place a few articles in the local newspapers, on our website and mention it at our meetings. Our contestants are not professionals, they are amateur sand sculptors of all ages who stop by the Hooksett Street entrance to the beach on the given date and enter into the competition.


That being said, if you look in the beach bags and carriers of some of the contestants, you might find plans as intricate as if they were building the Taj Mahal and all the tools and props to create it!


All the Association provides is the day, a place in the sand and encouragement to have fun.


The event is funded by the Seabrook Beach Civic Association and the generosity of our *volunteers and sponsors. 


Interested sponsors or volunteers should contact or fill out our Volunteer Form to sign up!



Twas the night before the Seabrook Amateur Sandcastle Competition

By the Ciarletta Family


Twas the night before the Seabrook Amateur Sandcastle Competition,

and all through the sea,

not a fish was stirring,

not even a manatee 


The children were nestled

all snug in their beds,

while visions of sandcastles danced in their heads


The buckets and shovels

were gathered with care,

In hopes that the grand prize

Would soon be their’s


Mama grabbed the beach bag

 preparing for the competition

while papa grabbed his cap,

anticipating the summer’s annual tradition.


Outside the house,

arose such a clatter,

that Papa got up to see what was the matter.


The seagulls were calling for them to awake,

For the contest was starting and they shouldn’t be late.


Come Tony, come Angie, come Kate and Jill,

Come Jovin, come Laura, come Cailen and Phyl. 


To the beach, to the beach, and don’t forget the ball,

Now dash away, dash away, dash away all.


They spoke not a word, but went straight to work

They dug and they molded and turned with a jerk.


When what to our wondering eyes did appear

But a sand castle, a sand turtle and a fish on a pier.


I heard them exclaim,

as they walked out of sight,


"See you on  July 11th at 11am,

‘cause this is your invite!"






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Photos taken by Mary & William Dow and

Peter Ross Farfaras

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Mary Dow and William Dow,

guest phtographers.